Spa Music Vol 2 album cover

Spa Music, Vol. 2

Guitar for Relaxation

You are invited into an enchanting world of relaxation, inner silence and peace. Featuring relaxing acoustic instrumental guitar and soothing pads fantastic for spa and Massage, yoga and meditation, studying music and sleep music.

Spa Music Vol 2 album cover

Massage Dream

Welcome to the most relaxing massage music! This album of pure serenity and bliss features relaxing piano, harp, flutes and soothing pads great for massage, spa, and sleep music.

Studying Music

Studying Music

Piano Music To Make You Smarter, Vol. 5

Relaxing piano music and calm music for studying. Music that will truly help you to focus on your schoolwork or study for tests and exams.


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Spa Music: Piano for Relaxation

Enjoy your spa escape with calm soft piano music and strings that will leave you relaxed and revitalized.


Baby Lullaby: Relaxing Baby Music

Have your baby sleep through the night with these calm guitar music and gentle lullabies for baby sleep.


Sleeping Music

You are invited to dreamland with calm and relaxing music for deep sleep. The soothing and relaxing piano, strings and pads make for a great natural sleep aid.


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Jeffrey Composes for Cirque Du Soleil and Google

Recently, my good friend and colleague, Brian Blake and I embarked on one of the most unique musical journeys we may ever go on. We were offered a unique opportunity to compose, mix and create sound design on a Chrome Sensory Project for Cirque Du Soleil. read more

Fireheart’s Music Sales Reach Record Numbers

Jeffrey Michael’s piano music sales reached over 2 million CD’s and downloads sold worldwide and over 25 million online music streams. 14 of his piano albums have also hit #1 on ITUNES in multiple piano music categories. read more

Fantastic music for sleep!

“The sleep music and baby lullabies work wonders for my preschool kids, and myself on restless nights. It’s so soothing and lulls you to sleep no problem.”

Great music to study by!

“I listen to the studying music everyday with my students. They absolutely love having it on when they are doing independent reading and writing.”

Sleep through the night!

“I was looking for some relaxing instrumental music to play at nap time to help our daughter fall asleep. We heard a couple songs from this album on Spotify and were very impressed. It’s the only music that she’ll fall asleep to now.”

So soothing!

“The soothing music promotes relaxation, calmness and clarity. I’ve found it useful for meditation as well as a nice general ambient background at home and in my office.”

The best yoga music!

“I just used this music to lead a yoga class and everyone in the class raved about the music. It is the perfect balance of soothing and calming without being too monotonous.”

Love it!

“I don’t usually listen to spa “music” but after hearing this music during a massage, I had to get it. The music is so soothing and melodious… I just can’t get enough.”

Very relaxing!

“All the Spa Music is perfect for massage therapy studios. It creates a perfect-tranquil ambience…my senses definitely feel the soothing piano melodies! My clients don’t want to leave the studio.”

Beautiful melodies!

“Jeffrey Michael’s piano music has a cinematic sweep that conjures up colorful visual images and a rainbow of emotional experiences.”

Awesome spa music!

“Fantastic background music for our reflexology and spa treatments.”

Emotional music!

“Jeffrey Michael’s music will steal your heart and soul to the point that you will ever be the same again… each song will touch someone-somewhere at anytime.”


“The music is wonderful for massage, for romantic dinners, for intimate encounters, or for just relaxing. The energy of the music moves through you in ways that expand your awareness of being one with the universe.”

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